Key Players

After it is prepared by the Governor and his administration, the budget is introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives, and assigned to the Finance and Appropriations Committee. The full committee holds hearing on some overall issues in the bill, such as revenue estimates and major policy proposals, then refers portions of the legislation to one of five subcommittees. Subcommittees make recommendations back to the full committee about amendments, and the bill ultimately must be voted out of committee to come up for a vote in the full House of Representatives. A similar process occurs in the State Senate.

Key legislative players in the budget process:

House Finance and Appropriations Committee – meets Tues, Wed, Thurs 9a.m., Room 313

Ron Amstutz, Chairman; John Carey, Vice Chair; Richard N. Adams; Marlene Anielski; Troy Balderson; Peter Beck; David E. Burke; Mike Duffey; Randy Gardner; Cheryl L. Grossman; David Hall; Ron Maag; Jeffrey A. McClain; Ross W. McGregor; Robert P. Mecklenborg; Bob Peterson; Barbara R. Sears; Lynn Slaby; Gerald L. Stebelton

Vernon Sykes, Ranking Member; Mike Ashford; Barbara Boyd; John Patrick Carney; Kathleen Clyde; Denise Driehaus; Nancy J. Garland; Jay P. Goyal; Matt Lundy; Debbie Phillips; Alicia Reece; Stephen Slesnick

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources subcommittee Troy Balderson (R), Chair; David Hall (R); Bob Peterson (R); Stephen Slesnick (D), Ranking; Denise Driehaus (D)
  • Health and Human Services Subcommittee David E. Burke (R), Chair; Richard N. Adams (R); Barbara R. Sears (R); Barbara Boyd (D), Ranking; Jay P. Goyal (D)
  • Higher Education Subcommittee Randy Gardner (R), Chair; Robert P. Mecklenborg (R); Lynn Slaby (R); Nancy J. Garland (D), Ranking; Kathleen Clyde (D)
  • Primary and Secondary Education Subcommittee John Carey (R), Chair; Ron Maag (R); Gerald L. Stebelton (R); Matt Lundy (D), Ranking; Debbie Phillips (D)
  • Transportation Subcommittee Ross W. McGregor (R), Chair; Peter Beck (R); Cheryl L. Grossman (R); Alicia Reece (D), Ranking; John Patrick Carney (D)

House Ways and Means Committee – will be hearing tax-related bills until the budget is introduced; provides a good sneak preview of the debate that will occur as part of the overall budget. Meets Weds 3:30 pm, Room 114

    Stautberg, Chair; McClain, Vice Chair; Amstutz; Baker; Beck; Blair; Boose; Dovilla; Maag

    Letson, Ranking Member; Barnes; Fende; Foley; Milkovich; Slesnick; Winburn; Hayes

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