News Reports: Details of Kasich education plan emerge

Not set for official introduction until tomorrow, a number of details have come to light about what to expect from Governor Kasich’s education legislation.

The vast majority of the bill deals with legislative changes needed to support reforms sought by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson. Today’s Plain Dealer wraps it up as follows: “Drafts of the proposed legislation cover charter schools, sale of old school buildings, sharing of taxes and teacher pay, seniority, school assignments and contracts.”

The exact text of the changes Jackson is seeking is available online.

Also included in the plain will be a number of smaller changes to education policy. According to the Dispatch:

Kasich also will call for a new and tougher grading system for schools, curriculum guidelines for digital education, and reporting academic performance at technical schools. In addition, he wants to help students find their passions and give them a clearer understanding of why school matters through opportunities to interact with business professionals and other out-of-school activities.

Education expert, Steve Dyer, provides his initial reaction to these proposals on his blog.




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