Capital Reappropriations Bill Introduced

The FY 2013-2014 capital reappropriations bill, SB 312 (Widener), was introduced today, allowing state agencies to carry over unspent funds beyond the end of June 2012 into the next two year capital biennium. Such legislation is required because the Ohio Constitution limits the period over which a General Assembly may spend money to two years at a time. Capital projects Рtypically brick and mortar construction or repair of buildings, parks and other facilities Рoften extend beyond two years, requiring unspent money to be carried over.

Ohio Governor's Residence

Projects that will continue to receive funding in the bill include: $35 million in funds for the Clean Ohio program, $30 million for advanced energy projects, ongoing repairs to the Governor’s official residence, $87 million in projects at Ohio prisons and $245 million for school renovations by the Ohio School Facilities Commission.

Typically non-controversial, reappropriations bills must pass by March 31 for the money to be available on the first of July. The bill is expected to move quickly, getting its first hearing tomorrow afternoon in the Senate Finance committee (see our complete budget events calendar).

The text of the legislation is available here. No bill analysis is available yet as to the total amount expended by the legislation, but the last state capital reappropriations bill, HB 462 in 2010, contained $3.2 billion of carry over spending.

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