Budget Preview: FIVE budget bills to be introduced?

Details about the Kasich budget plans have been slowly leaking out, and here’s what it currently looks like we can plan for.

Nest week, the Kasich administration is set to introduce a stunning five budget bills in the General Assembly.

  • The “Mid-Biennium Review,” normally known as a budget corrections bill, is going to contain all the policy changes and if necessary, appropriations changes for the operation of state government. The MBR will actually be a package of three separate bills – one for education policy, one for energy, and one for everything else. More details in a future post.
  • There will be a capital reappropriations bill, introduced in Senate Finance. Likely to be uncontroversial, this bill will extend funds for incomplete capital projects into the next two-year spending period.
  • The long-awaited capital bill, providing funding for bricks and mortar maintenance and construction projects will be introduced in House Finance. The bill will fund primarily state agency projects (prisons, state office buildings, etc) and projects on college campuses, but is unlikely to fund the community projects (museums and parks) typically comprising a good chunk of state capital budgets. Or at least that’s what the Kasich people say they want. Legislators will have to go along with it, and it is an election year.

We’ll have more on all of these, but we just wanted to get everyone geared up (and possibly cloned) to monitor a bunch of bills, all moving at once, in a variety of committee hearings.

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