Budget hearings this week

The next three days will be busy at the Statehouse with hearings on the Governor’s budget proposals. In fact, at one point tomorrow morning, four committees will be holding budget hearings simultaneously. Our calendar has the complete list, with times and room numbers, but here are the highlights.

Today: House Finance hears the two capital bills and hears from OBM about the main budget bill (HB487). Chairman Amstutz has indicated that the first order of business will be to accept a substitute version of the main budget bill (HB487) without Governor Kasich’s changes to bank taxation, increases to the oil/gas severance tax and triggers to lower the income tax.

Wednesday: House Ways & Means will hold hearings on tax changes affecting oil companies and banks and House Local Government will invite testimony about shared services and other efficiencies to help local governments.

Thursday: House State Government will hear testimony about shared services and efficiencies among state agencies, while the full House is set to hold a vote on the capital appropriations bill in an afternoon session

As always, see our calendar for all the details.

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