New Quinnipiac Poll shows Ohioans unimpressed by Kasich’s budget

A new poll was released today by Quinnipiac University which asked Ohioans about the Governor and his budget, which included some interesting insights. While most Ohioans support the Governor’s all cuts/no tax increase approach, they don’t seem to give him any credit for implementing it. His approval rating is way down compared to two months ago. And while a majority likes the budget’s avoidance of tax increases, they mostly think the budget helps others more than people like themselves.

Some key findings:

Do you approve or disapprove of the way John Kasich is handling his job as Governor?

Approve: 35%, Disapprove: 50%

Do you approve or disapprove of the way John Kasich is handling the state budget?

Approve: 32%, Disapprove: 54%

Do you think that the budget approved by the legislature and signed by Governor Kasich is fair or unfair to people like you?

Fair: 32%, Unfair: 50%

What do you think about the cuts in state spending used to balance the state budget? Do you think the cuts in state spending go too far, not far enough or are they about right?

Too far: 34%, Not far enough: 25%, About right: 30%

Which comes closer to your view regarding the budget: A) It is a good thing that taxes were not raised and the budget deficit was closed by just spending cuts. OR B) Taxes should have been raised so that there would have been fewer spending cuts.

Good thing taxes not raised: 63%, taxes should have been raised: 28%

Given that John Kasich’s advertised strength is that he is supposed to be some sort of budget-balancing Jedi master, and given how closely aligned Ohioans preferences are with his general approach (all cuts, no tax increases), it’s surprising that the Governor cannot gain the approval of Ohioans for his handling of the budget. Disapproval has actually risen from 51 to 54% since the budget’s introduction. Perhaps it has something to do with most people’s belief that the budget is unfair to people like them. Kasich has clearly aligned himself with the rich and powerful at the expense of the working class, and voters (and poll respondents) appear to be picking up on this.

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