What will this budget’s legacy be?

Is it just me or does Governor Kasich have rather unrealistic expectations regarding the legacy of his budget?

“50 years from now, people will look back and want to know how did [Senate Finance Committee Chairman] Widener and how did [House Finance Chairman] Amstutz do this? How did they wipe out this big deficit? And not only just wipe it out. It eliminates a structural problem that has been dogging this state and is on the radar screen of the rating agencies in New York. But they also maintain a tax cut and cut other taxes to keep people in Ohio. Do not miss when things like this happen. This is a big, big deal.”

50 years? Really? Well, I guess maybe some people will remember this budget in 50 years.

Local governments may still be talking about this budget in 50 years. They will look back and see that this is the budget where it became clear that Republicans in this state have no interest in holding up their end of the bargain and delivering the revenue they need to pay for police and fire departments. This was the budget Republicans decided that making sure localities had the resources to pay for necessary civil servants was overrated.

Public school advocates may look back in 50 years and see that this was the budget that Republicans decided that, you know what, a strong public education system is a little overrated and they don’t need as much money as they got last time. This will be the budget that will once again force public school advocates to go to the courts and force them to once again rule that the State of Ohio is failing at their duties and still has not funded a constitutional school funding system.

This will also be the budget that teachers remember for being beat up on because of their role in the worst economic downturn in 80 years.

No, sorry, I got that wrong. That was John Kasich’s former employer Lehman Brothers et al that drove our economy into the ground. My bad.

50 years from now charter school advocates are going to look at the changes that the House Republicans are probably going to get back into the bill and curse them. These are the changes that are going to make charter schools laughing stocks but will make a select few operates (Read: David Brennan) enough money to buy countless more General Assemblies.

Let us not forget the private sector who will be cashing in on this budget. As we pointed out earlier, it’s like Kasich decided the State need to have a yard sale and everything was 80% off. So, yea, the purchases or all those great state assets are going to look back in 50 years and think of this budget as the golden age of state privatization.

So, maybe I was wrong. Maybe we will be talking about this budget in 50 years. If we are though it is going to be for all of the wrong reasons.



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