John Kasich talks budget details with press. I live blog it several hours later.

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Governor Kasich was interviewed this morning by state house reporters were he covered several budget issues ranging from JobsOhio to charter schools. Because I’m lazy and just found the video to it I’m going to go ahead and do a live blog version of the interview. Or a Fake Live Blog if you will. (Again, thanks, Ohio Capital Blog)


Governor Kasich complains about answering reporters questions. Yea, we get it, you don’t like anyone asking you hard questions.


I’m always surprised when the Governor makes claims like “No one thought we were going to balance this budget and fixed the structural deficit…” Who is sitting around saying that wasn’t going to happen? I despise a lot of what is in this budget but when this process started I knew he was going to balance the budget because he has to by law.

Secondly, using billions of dollars of one time funds to balance a budget is not “fixing the structural deficit”.  If you use one time federal funds to balance the budget or the privatization of state assets paired with the restructurting of state debit to balance the budget, those will both create structural deficits. A structural deficit is a structural deficit.


I’m not exactly clear on how this budget sends a message to Washington on how to accomplish something with out “playing politics”. I guess this budget doesn’t play politics in the sense that the Republicans are going to screw over whomever they want because they have all the power. In that sense, than, yes, I guess they weren’t playing politics just sort of being bullies.


The Governor seems to be cool with not having to be Chairman of JobsOhio and Governor at the same time. His argument that he is the one that came up with this idea rings hollow to be though. What is more likely is that some lawyers took a look at this and freaked out and told him he probably shouldn’t do both positions.


Yes, changes were made to JobsOhio but not nothing in the changes that were made yesterday had anything to do with making the sale of the liquor assets to JobsOhio a better deal for Ohioans. The Governor states again and again that he just wants to get this process right and he likes all the changes made. Don’t be fooled, the reason the changes about the value of the liquor assets were not included in the Senate is because Governor Kasich doesn’t think the state needs the extra revenue. He seems totally fine selling a $6 billion asset for a little over $1.2 billion in return. Worst. Deal. Ever.


Sounds like merit pay for teachers is probably out of the budget.  I don’t know about the specifics that he speaks to about how half the school districts in Ohio are already doing this but it sounds like he can live with a budget that doesn’t have merit pay in it.


Still talking about merit pay for teachers. My brain has moved on to something else. I was briefly interested again when me mentioned Michelle Rhee because I like to think that conversation happened on their date while they watched her movie, but now my brain has moved on.


And back to JobsOhio. Newsflash! Sometimes politicians say things during campaigns that they won’t do after being elected. Shocking, I know.


Uhhh ohhh someone is getting questions about how big this budget hole is or isn’t.


“I mean this is a colossal achievement…” Yes, cutting services to the worst off in Ohio, slashing money to local governments for safety services, holding back extra money for schools, and selling every state asset in sight are all colossal achievements. Ugg.


Oh my god, someone actually mentioned the rainy day fund. Sorry dudes, look like your next tax cut is going to have to wait. Kasich is concerned about gas prices in Westerville so looks like it’s time to put that extra revenue into the rainy day fund.


“Call Tim Keene, he will explain it all to you.” Someone who does this for a living please do exactly that! As of this weekend, I’m not certain Tim Keene knew how big the hole was. Sounds like he does now.


Something tells me those charter schools provisions the Senate took out are probably going to end up back in the budget. If Kasich is out there now saying that he supports non-profit and for-profit charter schools that probably doesn’t bode well. Of course, he make the mistake of comparing for-profit charter schools to for-profit colleges which are not at all a like, either way, something tells me someone has been getting some angry phone calls from David Brennan.


Not exactly clear what Teach For America has to do with this?


He obviously has no idea what the abortion provisions were that the Senate put in. We did learn that he doesn’t have a problem with it in if the Senate thinks this is the place for it. Of course there was zero debate on this in committee and was inserted in the middle of the night, but, yea, no big deal I guess.


Sounding very ambiguous on the provisions to reduce law makers pay which were in the Senate version. Seeing how the Senate wouldn’t lower their pay in 2009 when it was in the House version this is clearly just a political ploy and nothing else.


Ohhh to be a fly on the wall during conference committee……


Well that was fun. Some day I’m going to be a real adult and try to do one of these live when it is actually happening. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

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  1. I wish I could “like” half of your comments above. Especially the point that OF COURSE Kasich was going to balance the budget, as would have Strickland, had he been elected. It’s a legal requirement (I guess he should get a gold star for following the law?). What matters is HOW a Governor approaches it. Kasich chose to cut schools and local governments, sell off the state, and preserve tax cuts for the rich. I’m not OK with that.

    Also, may I point out, that EVERY budget has a “deficit” going in, when you compare funding levels in the last budget and sources of “one-time” money that were used to get you there. Every budget uses one-time money, so every budget after that has to find new sources of “one-time” money to accomplish the same thing. $5 billion or $8 billion, it’s really not that unprecedented though Kasich will continue to portray himself as some sort of fiscal superhero. sigh.

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