Dispatch, Kasich don’t understand what fiscally prudent means

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My dislike for the editorial board over at the Columbus Dispatch is no secret. To be blunt, I think they are simply an arm of the Republican echo chamber but instead of being a politician they happen to be a newspaper. They are the propaganda arm of Republican party.

With that said, the editorial board really out did themselves Sunday morning by publishing this nonsense, an editorial entitled “Fiscal Prudence”.  In it the authors practically are falling over themselves trying to find new ad evermore extravagant ways to credit Governor Kasich with saving this state from certain fiscal disaster. If you listen to the way the Dispatch tells the story it goes something like this. Everything was going awesome in this state until 2006 when Ted Strickland got elected and in the following four years he did pretty much everything he could to bankrupt Ohio. Our knight in shinning armor in this story is John Kasich who comes in and restores some sense of fiscal sanity. (Also, I get the feeling that it isn’t enough for the editorial board of the Dispatch that Ted Strickland is no longer governor. This isn’t the first time were they have penned an editorial attacking Strickland since Kasich has become Governor in almost a personal manner. I want someone to write a book about the Dispatch’s clear dislike for Strickland and figure out where this is coming from because it borderlines on being irrational most of the time.)

Of course, the Dispatch is so unbelievably wrong in their history lesson that it represents more fiction than reality. But that isn’t my point here, my point is their claim that Kasich and Republicans are restoring some sort of fiscal sanity with this budget. The reality is that it is the complete opposite. The most current version of the budget increases spending over the next two years and it really only does that by stealing money from local governments and selling billions of dollars of state assets for one time revenue payments. Which, by the way Dispatch editorial writers, there is zero difference between that and Ted Strickland accepting ARRA money in 2009. None. Zilch. For some reason the Dispatch hated it when Strickland did it but is totally cool with Kasich doing it.

Here is why John Kasich is not someone who understands the concept of fiscal prudence:

  • He plans on doing away with the state income tax in the next couple of years which will further devastate local governments and schools.
  • His budget implements that last year of the state income tax reduction passed under Taft, which Strickland delayed, and that cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars. Which by the way, dug the hole for this budget even deeper.
  • His budget relies upon billions in one time money from the sale of state assets.
  • He is on record being against the health care reform legislation passed last year in Congress which will save the federal government almost $200 billion over the next ten years.
  • He is on record supporting the Bush tax cuts that represent the largest portion of federal debt and supports extending them into the future which would only increase the level of government debt.
  • He was a supporter of the Iraq war which behind the Bush tax cuts, is the next largest factor for how high the expected federal deficit will be over the next ten years.

And I’m only stopping there because I have other things to do than list all the way John Kasich is not fiscally prudent.

It is unfortunate that a newspaper of The Dispatch’s size seems so incapable of not only keeping it’s clear biases in check but also living in a world where facts matter and talking point are not treated like facts. Until evidence to the contrary is produced don’t let anyone tell you that John Kasich, or this budget, is fiscally prudent.



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