Breaking News: Kasich still sort of a jerk, can’t explain his own budget

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There are a couple jobs I would really not want right now.  White house press secretary will always be number one but near the top of the list would have to be any position in Governor Kasich’s press shop.  Every time that guy goes in front of a live mic I can totally just see palms smacking against foreheads every time he says something from left field.

This morning I’m sure the entire Kasich press team probably woke up with headaches from smacking themselves in the head yesterday after hearing the quotes the Governor gave at a press event in Mason, Ohio.  The event was a pep rally for the Governor were he tried to sell his two-year budget that is currently being debated in the Ohio Senate. The Dispatch ran some selections from the event this morning in a separate article but over at The Daily Briefing blog more quotes were published from the same event and boy are they rich

In response to a question about ads being run by the Ohio Health Care Association criticizing the Governor for cuts made to nursing homes in the budget:

“I’m just sending a warning that this whole business that we’ve seen this movie over and over again that you use money to try to influence public policy isn’t going to be successful this time,” Kasich said. “I’m confident the Senate is going to do the right thing.”

A couple things I see wrong with this comment. One, I don’t know whether our Governor is not in favor of free speech at all or only when the comments made are in opposition to his proposals. Either way, he might want to ask any constitutional lawyer about the use of money to influence public policy, it isn’t going away any time soon. Second, this is all rather ironic considering that Kasich and his political buddies just opened a new lobbying group that is just a front for pushing the Governor’s “Jobs” budget. So, it is O.K. for the Governor and his political allies to spend money to influence the public but not O.K. for private citizens to spend money to express their dislike for his proposals.  Got it.

In response to the a question from a city councilman about how local governments should operate when the Governor’s budget drastically reduces funds available to them:

“Operate like a business,” Kasich responded quickly. “Operate like a family. Make decisions.”

When the councilman responded, “We do,” Kasich continued.

“Endorse Senate Bill 5 and follow the rules in that,” Kasich said, later adding; “We need to stop the war on the middle class. That’s what Senate Bill 5 tries to do.”

The irony that Governor Kasich would invoke SB 5 as a tool to help stop the war on the middle class is mind boggling.  He is aware that the exact people who will have money taken away from them, firefighters, police officers, and teachers, are the middle class, right? Or maybe he doesn’t consider those people part of the middle class, in which case, I would suggest that the Governor head down to his local fire station and ask the firefighters there which class they should belong to.

Besides his clear lack of irony, the Governor still manages to come off sounding like a real jerk. “Operate like a business.” Really? That’s your best answer Governor? There are a lot of things local governments can do to operate more efficiently but at the end of the day local governments are not businesses.  Sorry.  No matter how much you want them to be one they never will be.  They are two fundamentally different things.

Since Governor Kasich would not answer this gentleman’s question I will. Sir, I would suggest that you prepare laying off a lot of people. Oh, and those services that you are required to provide to citizens, I would start looking at ways to do away with those, because who needs firefighters and police officers anyways.

On whether the state should lure jobs and businesses from other states:

“We’re going to other states and we’re going to start stealing their jobs,” he said. “We’re going to raid everybody we can.”

This one I kind of agree with. Only because this budget will lead to the loss of thousands of jobs across Ohio and Kasich is going to have to get really good at luring businesses here to make up for the up-tick in unemployment we are going to see.



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  1. Kasich just might be less intelligent than Bush.

  2. Explanation of Kasich’s Budget:

    Through the corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Counci (ALEC), global corporations and state politicians vote behind closed doors to try to rewrite state laws that govern your rights & boost their revenue.

    These so-called “model bills” reach into almost every area of American life and often directly benefit huge corporations. Through ALEC, corporations have “a VOICE and a VOTE” on specific changes to the law that are then proposed in your state.

    ALEC is a conduit, an intermediary between Corporate America & Politicians—whose campaigns are funded by the same corporations.

    Check this site to understand the pre-packaged bills either introduced or recently passed in multiple states:

    (NOTE: middle class & working class are not mentioned or considered)

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