OEA projects 10K teachers will lose their jobs from funding cuts

Our friends over at the OEA have a fun tool to play with for those people who want to learn the true economic impact Kasich’s budget will have on local economies throughout Ohio. OEA has compiled data on every individual school district, county, House district, and Senate district based on the number of teachers that will be fired from the cuts to public education in Kasich’s proposed budget. OEA projects that these cuts will lead to districts firing over 10,000 teachers across the state and will result in a loss of $1.7 billion in FY 13 and $2.1 billion across the biennium to local economies.

According to the OEA site, these projections are based on a couple of assumptions. (1) School districts are unable to operate for long with a deficit and will be forced to fire teachers due to a significant loss of state funding, and (2) each teacher that losses their job represents a person who will be unable to put money back into the local economy, hence, harming local businesses. The projections are based on the average salary and benefits of a teacher across the state.

So, lets look at a couple of examples.  I went ahead and took a look at what Kasich’s budget means for my hometown of Akron and the impact it will have on the local economy there.

According to the OEA tool, Akron City Schools will loose 214 full time employees due to FY 12 cuts, leading to a loss of $24 million in FY 13 in the local economy and a loss of $37 million over the entire biennium.

At the county level 614 teachers are expected to lose their jobs leading to a loss of $88 million in FY 13 and $118 million over the Biennium.

It doesn’t get any better at the Representative level either.  When selected for Rep. Lynn Slaby 748 teachers will lose their jobs, with a loss of $112 million in FY 13 and $145 million across the biennium.

Lastly, Senator Tom Sawyer’s district is expected to shed 914 teaching positions, creating a loss of $130 million in FY 13 and $175 million across the biennium.

This of course all flies in the face of John Kasich’s assertion that this is somehow a jobs budget. The more people who project the impacts of this budget the more clear it becomes that this budget will lead to a loss of thousands of jobs and a very large negative impact on local economies. Combine the information shown here from the OEA tool, with the report put out by Innovation Ohio that the budget will lead to a loss of 51,000 jobs, that fact that this administration even gets to repeat this lie is just kind of sad now.  Or, maybe the fact that this was called a jobs budget was never intended to be a factual statement?

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  1. So the loss of 214 government employees will cost the local economy of Akron 24 million dollars in 2013. Why not leave them in place and hire an additional 214; you would be increasing the local economy by 24 million. Hire enough and the local economy could be the most robust in the state.

    • At $112,000 per job how much prosperity do we want to generate with taxpayer money? Maybe the folks in Akron should do some bake sales— I doubt the farmers in northwest Ohio are going to get in line to contribute or support higher taxes for this purpose!


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