Activism Watch: Drilling in State Parks

In addition to watching legislative action on the budget, we expect to start seeing organized grassroots campaigns by groups impacted by the budget’s policy and fiscal proposals calling on legislators to amend the bill before it is enacted.

In the first of what will likely be many such activities, a coalition of environmental groups are pushing back, holding multiple press conferences on Thursday — the anniversary of the gulf oil spill, asking state leaders to identify which state parks they favor opening up to oil and gas drilling.¬†As you may be aware, the Governor’s budget proposal includes a provision to open up Ohio’s State Parks to oil and gas drilling. Drilling for gas in many cases involves a technique known as “fracking”, which has led to seepage of dangerous byproducts into drinking water in neighboring states. The group seeks to get legislators to state their position on the proposal.

You can read more about the campaign here, and if you are interested in getting involved, you can use their letter to legislators as a model and call or write your State Senator or Representative to ask: in which parks do they support drilling? If you get an answer, contact the OEC and let them know.

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