What’s in the Budget: A Rundown

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Today seems to be the day that all the newspapers are recapping what we know (or what we’ve heard) so far about Tuesday’s budget release. So, in that spirit, below is a compilation of things we know, either from the Governor himself, from newspaper accounts, things legislators have been telling their constituents, or leaks from the administration. To make the post a little shorter, we’re skipping the step of linking to sources for each – if you have a question about where information is coming from, just leave a comment and we’ll provide a source in response.

And, as always, if you are hearing things that we haven’t reported here, we’d love to hear from you. Email us, leave a comment or send us a message on twitter. Thanks and rest up tomorrow – Tuesday should be a long day.

Health & Human Services

  • Consolidating mental health facilities in Summit & Cuyahoga Counties
  • Medicaid savings
    • Care coordination (more HMOs)
    • Extension of hospital franchise fees
    • Shift away from Nursing Homes
    • Increased funding for prenatal care
  • Cutting subsidized child care
  • Cuts to children’s hospitals
  • Redirection of county drug addiction, mental health funding to Medicaid.


  • Eliminate all stimulus funds from K12 (a 7-9% reduction)
  • Introduce more private school vouchers, expand charter schools
  • Eliminate all stimulus funds for Higher Ed (a 15% reduction), plus tuition caps
  • Charter university pilot at OSU eliminating requirements such as minority contracting, prevailing wage & prime contracting

Criminal Justice

  • Close one juvenile facility (possibly converting Marion facility to privately-run adult prison)
  • Sell five prisons to private sector
  • Sentencing reforms

Environment, Natural Resources

  • Sell state parks
  • Drilling rights on state lands


  • Outsource lottery management
  • Privatize state liquor
  • Turnpike privatization (we have heard that legislators are confirming this, but see our earlier post about constitutionality)


  • Elimination of prevailing wage

Local Government

  • Cuts of 15% or more to local governments, libraries

Other budget-cutting measures

  • Close all eight taxpayer service centers around the state (updated: we had mistakenly indicated the number was six. [source])
  • Debt restructuring (refinancing the state’s long term bond obligations)
  • Increase state employee contribution for pensions, dental & vision benefits
  • 10-20% across the board cuts to all state agencies funded by GRF
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  1. Will the last person leaving Ohio please turn out the lights…..oh he cut out the lights too!

  2. Six taxpayer service centers are to be closed? Which six? There are eight, total.

  3. Is Governor Kasich going to cut anything from his person budget. He and the people in his office need to cut 5 to 6 employees, contribute more to their retirement and health care, pay their own gas to and from work, pay for their own meals when on a trip or cap it at $15.00 per day, etc. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    • No, O simple poor-person, you don’t understand! And why would you? – you clearly went to a public school. The REASON they earn 40 times as much as the rest of us is that they WORK 40 times harder than your average construction worker, cop, or teacher (all of whom are already drastically overpaid). If they cut THEIR wages, they might have to fire a chauffeur or two, hence their high salary is actually GOOD for the state economy since it preserves jobs! Now if I could only get the straps loose and escape from this facility…
      And before I get flamed, please note that this is all sarcasm – they want to keep us poor, non-unionized and ignorant so that in a few years all we will be good for is working for them in lousy 1890s conditions. Just look at the coal miners in Britain – Thatcher broke the unions and within 10 years almost all the pits had closed.

  4. >Sell state parks

    What? Links, please?

  5. Sell state parks? Sell the turnpike? Privitize the prisons? Isn’t that the same as sell? Why doesn’t he sell the governors mansion and the capital building while he is at it? Charter schools will be for the peons with teachers that are not highly qualified and the exclusive vouchers will be for the rich to send their children to the private schools where they already go. Wake up Ohioans before it is too late and sign a petition for recall.

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